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72-4100    PullRite SuperGlide 16K 5th Wheel /Ford Prep Pkg  Free Shipping

72-4100 PullRite SuperGlide 16K 5th Wheel /Ford Prep Pkg Free Shipping

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With this unit, installing it into your pick up is easy, just set it in the bed over the puck sockets and rotate the pucks 1/4 turn and insert the locking pin into arm to lock them and your ready to hook up and go. With all PulRite SuperGlides, there is 14" auto gliding back from the cab for 90 deg turning without worrying about your trailer hitting the cab.

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2714 OE Puck Series 16K SuperGlide, Automatically Sliding Fifth Wheel Hitch for Short Bed Ford Trucks

The fully automatic, sliding #2714 OE Puck Series SuperGlide is designed specifically for Ford short bed trucks with pucks and is the ONLY automatic sliding hitch designed for factory fifth wheel mounts! This direct attachment hitch mounts directly to your truck's OE mounting points...NO ADAPTER RAILS NEEDED!  Not sure what mounting system you already have or may want?  Click here for an overview of all our mounting system options!  And be sure to check out our mounting systems that feature Clean Bed Technology!

SuperGlide is the only real solution to safely and efficiently regain that 90¬ļ turning capability.¬† It's fully automatic, so there's no getting in and out of your truck to throw levers before and after turns¬†like you have to do with other manual slide hitches.¬† With 14" of slide during turns, the SuperGlide quickly moves your trailer away from your truck cab without you having to do a thing! No anticipation...just get in and drive!

And SuperGlide is easy to remove without the need for tools.  By easily removing the 40 lb. hitch head that is held in place with a couple pins and clips, then the remaining base is relatively lightweight.  In fact, it is the second lightest among sliding hitches on the market and is made from high quality American steel.

The mounting post assemblies are completely removable for easier removal and installation of the hitch. Simply unpin handles, rotate 1/4 turn outward and lift the hitch out of the bed. NO TOOLS NEEDED!  Premium hardware, like the use of castle nuts, allow for finer adjustments of the OE puck handles for ease of installation and fit!  This SuperGlide is adjustable front-to-back to center it over the axle.  See how OE Puck hitches work here!

For a more in-depth look at how SuperGlide hitches work and why they are your best choice for short bed trucks, click here.

And the hitch plate is your first connection to your trailer.  Ours have fully automatic locking jaw and the only self-locking handle on the market.  To see why our hitch plate is a "head above the rest," click here.

  • 16,000 lbs. max gross trailer weight towing capacity
  • 4,000 lbs. max trailer pin weight capacity
  • 14" of fully automatic¬†slide
  • Direct mount, automatically sliding fifth wheel hitch for trucks with OE puck mounting points
  • Dual articulating head moves side-to-side and front-to-back during towing for a smoother ride
  • Hitch head easily removable with pins and clips...no tools needed
  • Locking jaw closes automatically around king pin
  • Latch handle locks automatically when locking jaws are engaged
  • No secondary locking devices to engage means no reaching over high-sided truck beds to get dirty
  • Extended handle keeps you out of the bed
  • Precision, laser cut jaw components cradle the trailer's king pin 140¬ļ for a secure, tight fit
  • Tight fitting parts give you the best ride possible
  • Adjustable tension bolt prevents bumping or chucking
  • A¬†Capture Plate¬†is required to activate the sliding cam arm
  • Hitch comes fully assembled
  • Hitch stands 17.5" to top of hitch plate
  • #4424 Gooseneck/Horse Trailer Adapter¬†available
  • SAE J2638¬†tested
  • Made in the USA
  • For all Factory specifications see pullrite.com


The SuperGlide is specifically designed for short bed trucks to provide additional clearance between the truck’s cab and the leading edge of the trailer during turns.  SuperGlide is designed to allow your truck to turn 90 degrees to your trailer, however, other variables do come into play, such as variables like trailer width, squared off or rounded corners, and the location of the potential point of trailer-to-cab contact. 

Additional limitations may also exist when using trailers wider than 96‚ÄĚ and the correct truck/trailer combination must be considered.¬†¬†Always check with your dealer prior to purchase or contact PullRite Customer Service for information on potential clearance issues.¬†¬†NOTE: The¬†#2300 ISR Series SuperGlide¬†and¬†#2315 OE Puck Series SuperGlide¬†offers additional sliding travel and should be considered when towing trailers greater than 96‚ÄĚ wide.