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Mr. Bar-B-Que 13-2410 Campfire Grill Basket - RVEverything

Mr. Bar-B-Que 13-2410 Campfire Grill Basket

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Mr. Bar-B-Que 13-2410 Campfire Grill Basket; Wok Used For Grilling Stir Fry/ Shrimp/ Vegetables; Non-Stick Gold Finish; Stainless Steel; Without Handle; Without Grill Stand
We are continually providing new experiences for all types of grillers. Our company provides everything a backyard grilling enthusiast needs for their BBQ toolbox. Founded in 1972, Mr. Bar-B-Q has been committed to providing consumers innovative, superior quality products at an excellent value. Most importantly, we pride ourselves in offering 'Everything for the Grill ™ making our product line more diverse, expansive and interesting than any other brand.

Used For: Grilling Stir Fry/ Shrimp/ Vegetables
Color: Gold
Material: Stainless Steel
With Grill Stand: No
  • Durable Embossed Steel With An Elegant Gold Finish
  • Non-Stick Surface
  • Stir Fry Meat, Poultry, Seafood And Veggies
  • Can Be Used For Charcoal, Gas Or Electric Grills
  • No Supplier Warranty