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04-6582     Lippert Components Double powered step (353621) Special Order

04-6582 Lippert Components Double powered step (353621) Special Order

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Entry Step; Tread Lite; Double Electric Folding Steps; 30 Inch Width x 8-1/2 Inch Depth; 8-1/2 Inch Rise; Black Powder Coated Steel With Non-Slip Coating; With LED Lighting; With Switch And Wiring Harness

Lippert Components RV and Camper Steps - LC353621

  • 2 Steps
  • Electric Step
  • Lippert Components
  • 30 Inch Wide Step
  • Motorhome
  • 32 Inch Wide
  • No Ground Contact
  • 8 Inch Drop/Rise
  • Aluminum
    These 8-1/2" deep motorized steps automatically extend and retract when you open and close your RV door. A built-in LED light shines when the steps extend to help you see in the dark. Non-skid stepping surface. Rustproof aluminum construction.

    Features: Motorized RV steps make it effortless to get into and out of your motor home Automatic operation - steps extend when door is opened and retract when door is closed Sense when door is open or closed with a 2-piece switch that installs on the door and the door frame Obstruction detection helps to prevent damage to the steps and to your RV Steps retract if an object is detected in front of them Safe for stepping in the dark Built-in LED safety light automatically turns on when the steps extend Non-skid textured surface provides secure footing Rustproof aluminum construction with black powder coat finish Wiring harness and door switch are included Harness connects to your RV's power switch Steps draw power directly from RV battery, bypassing the electrical system Easy bolt-on installation Mounts to RV frame with hardware kit (LC118155-72 - sold separately) May require outriggers (LC301704 - sold separately) for installation Made in the USA

    Specs: Entry height: 14-1/2" Step dimensions: 30" wide x 8-1/2" deep Mounting bracket dimensions: 32" wide x 7-3/4" tall x 18" deep Drop/Rise: 8" Weight capacity: 300 lbs 1-Year limited warranty

    Automatic Operation

    These motorized RV steps provide an effortless, convenient way to enter and exit your RV. The steps wire to your RV's door and feature an automatic extension, unfolding when the door opens and retracting when it closes. This differentiates the steps from the alternate manual pull-out steps. The included switch kit consists of 2 sensor pieces, which mount on the door and doorframe. When the sensor pieces come into contact with each other, the steps are pushed in or pulled out.

    Safety Features

    The Tread Lite steps include several safety features in an effort to prevent injury to you or your passengers and damage to the RV steps. If an obstruction is detected while extending, the steps will halt and retract back into the stowed position. The steps will also retract when you turn on the vehicle's ignition, even if the automatic retraction override has been activated, in case you forget to stow them before driving away.