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Firman 18-2770 (1201) 50 Amp Parallel Kit - RVEverything

Firman 18-2770 (1201) 50 Amp Parallel Kit

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Generator Parallel Kit; Use To Combine The Power Of Two 2100/ 3300 Watt Inverter Generator; Parallel Cord; 50/ 30 Amp; Outlet 14-50R 120 Volt Receptacle/ L5-30R 120 Volt Receptacle; Portable Design; LED Panel
The FIRMAN Parallel Kit double or even triples your power by connecting two FIRMAN Inverter generators together. It can combine any two Inverters from our FIRMAN Inverter family, whether that be our smaller 2100 Watts to our larger 3300 Watt generators. Integrated outlet covers come standard on our parallel kit to protect the outlets from dust and debris.
Used ToCombine The Power Of Two 2100/ 3300 Watt Inverter Generator
Connection TypeParallel Cord
Voltage Rating120 Volt AC
Ampere Rating50/ 30 Amp
Features Connects Two FIRMAN Inverter Generators Together To Double Or Triple Your Power Combine Any 2 FIRMAN Inverters From Our FIRMAN Inverter Family, 2100, 3300 Mix And Match As You Need Or Desire Outlet Covers To Protect The Outlets From Dust And Debris LED Panel For Improved Visibility Anytime, Anywhere Built In Compartment For Parallel Cords For Easy Storage Small, Portable Design Easy To Operate Limited 120 Day Warranty