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Anode Rod 1/2 " MPT X 4 1/2" Aqua Pro 09-0008 (69718) - RVEverything

Anode Rod 1/2 " MPT X 4 1/2" Aqua Pro 09-0008 (69718)

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This Magnesium Anode Rod measures 4-1/2 inches in length and features a 1/2 inch Male Pipe Thread Drain Plug, specifically designed for Atwood Water Heaters. Packaged for retail, it is lead-free.


  • Compatibility: Atwood Water Heaters
  • Diameter: 0.620 Inch
  • Length: 4-1/2 Inch
  • Thread Size: 1/2 Inch-14
  • Material: Magnesium
  • With Drain: Yes
  • Quantity: Single

Product Description

Aqua Pro Magnesium Anode Rods provide an essential layer of protection for water heater tanks by drawing corrosion-causing elements away from it. For Suburban and Morflo Water Heaters, the magnesia anode rod can simply replace the existing MPT drain plug to effectively shield the tank.


Features & Benefits

  • Lead-Free
  • 18 Percent More Magnesium For Extended Protection
  • Significantly Extends The Water Heater Tank Life
  • Magnesium Anode Rods Will Attract The Elements That Cause Corrosion, Protecting The Tank From Those Elements
  • Out Of Box Coverage
  • No Supplier Warranty